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interior shadow profile
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Forget traditional skirting board / cornice. Give a shadow gap to the walls instead, with the help of an interior shadow profile.
Simple installation
Can be made in any color
Market novelty
Simple installation

Can be made in any color

What results does the shadow profile help to achieve?
Skirting board / ceiling cornice replacement
Dimmable RGB lighting for floor or ceiling
Floor or ceiling floating wall effect
Creating a unique and minimalistic interior design
Examples of a shadow profile in interior design
The profile can be used with any of the wall finishes
Achieving a high-quality result and unique design when using a shadow profile
mdf panel
Advantages of a shadow profile over a skirting board
No other profile gives such a floating effect. The profile is sunk into the wall surface
The metal profile will neither burst nor crack; there won't be any corrosion due to surface galvanizing
Connection of interior lighting (RGB, dimming, scenarios)
The profile is universal, it can be used for both the floor and the ceiling
It can be used for any type of walls
Any wall finishes (tile, marble, wood, MDF panels, paint, wallpaper)
Durable and long-lasting
The profile is unique
Interior lighting
For any type of walls
Profile versatility
Any wall finishes
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There is a discount for those who order more than 100 meters of the profile.
An example of the correct installation of a shadow profile
Watch this video and learn everything about correct installation of the shadow profile
We are the first and only shadow profile manufacturers in Russia
We have developed a new interior solution to make your home look sleek and modern
We are the first and only manufacturers of a shadow profile in the Russian Federation.

The company has its own design and production department.
When creating and manufacturing Shadow profiles, we only use high-quality Russian materials.
Our products are aimed at creation of a space where aesthetics and functionality are combined with simplicity and minimalism.
Technical support during installation
We deliver the profile all around Russia
We use high-precision laser equipment
Vladimir Strelkin
Head of the company
Who uses our product
Are you an architectural or construction company, or an interior designer?
We offer mutually beneficial cooperation and bonuses.
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